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Welcome to SVM Exports

Our dedication has enabled us to become one of the leading cultivators and suppliers in India. Our Team has deep knowledge in scientific organic cultivation, processing and delivery. SVM Exports adopting various innovative techniques in cultivation like High density, Monocropping, maintaining organic growing, genetic purity, physical purity of crop these factors are the reasons playing the major role in supplying quality products.

The highly advanced of SVM Exports state-of-the-art Trained farmers, Technical Staffs and infrastructural facility with Guidance of Director Mr. S. Muthuraj Agricultural Graduate expert in Cultivation and Marketing with regular up-gradation those reasons of attaining a better position in the market.

About us

SVM Exports one of the leading Indian Moringa company incepted on 2004 based on Tuticorin.


Our Vision is to provide the highest quality products and service satisfying the customers needs.


At SVM Exports, our mission is to ensure High quality Moringa products to create a healthier Living.


The Products that we manufacture are meant to meet the high standards of our clients.

Our Gallery

Cultivation Aspects

Climate & Soil Requirement

Moringa is basically a tropical crop. It grows best between 25 to 350C, but will survive upto 480C. The drought-tolerant tree grows well in areas receiving annual rainfall amounts that range from 250 to 1500mm. Moringa prefers a well drained sandy loam or loamy soils. It does not tolerate prolonged flooding or poorly drained clay soils. In fact clay soils must be clearly avoided when selecting plots for Moringa cultivation. It will tolerate a soil pH of 5.0 - 9.0. Grass or plastic mulching is equally possible, which facilitates soil moisture conservation.

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